Loving yourself and losing weight, in the mirror and forever

A girl with some weight to lose once asked me, “How can I love myself when I look like this?” She said she wanted to lose weight so she could start loving herself again. Naturally, I shook my head, “I’m sorry, but that’s not how it works.”

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Love yourself before you lose weight.
Love yourself NOW. If you are waiting to love yourself when the “problem” has been resolved, the chances are that you’ll never get there. Excess weight is not a permanent physical condition, it is ONLY extra pounds. It doesn’t matter if you have ten or fifty pounds to lose, the only difference is how long it will take, BUT if you make weight loss a positive consequence of loving yourself, then it will be the mere result of your actions, one after another.

The starting point for losing weight is loving yourself. And part of loving yourself is being aware of the areas where you could improve. And we’re only talking about a few extra pounds. Loving yourself is a fundamental prerequisite for long-term weight loss. Loving yourself means looking at yourself and encouraging yourself. Loving yourself and losing weight means listening to your stomach, legs and the energy that your body needs to express itself to its fullest potential.

Loving yourself to lose weight
Not only does The Right Weight Forever method consider your convictions and “how you feel”, BUT they are its very foundation. This method begins with the MARVELLOUS person that you are. Encourage yourself and losing weight will be easy. It will be the natural consequence of this change. When you shop for groceries, you automatically earn points on your supermarket loyalty card. When you go for a walk, you automatically trigger a release of endorphins in your body. When you look at a beautiful view, you automatically take a deep, liberating breath. There are automatic consequences to the things we do. Make “losing weight” the automatic consequence of loving yourself. Loving yourself and losing weight go hand in hand.

How can I demonstrate self-love to help me lose weight? The techniques that I recommend with The Right Weight Forever are:

  • Focus on your Internal Dialogue. Learn to keep it in check, train it and respond appropriately to mean, limiting statements,
  • Change limiting convictions that get in the way of your peaceful path TOWARDS healthy weight loss.
  • Ask yourself Constructive Questions so you can see and HEAR what you want to see, do and try.
  • Work on several fronts at once. In addition to modifying your behavior, start feeling like a Naturally Thin person IMMEDIATELY, first on the inside, then on the outside. Already feeling what you want to become RELATIVIZES those extra pounds today and circumscribes them to today. Period.

The mirror is your friend.
With The Right Weight Forever method, you start loving yourself first, with the mirror as your friend, and then you focus on losing weight. Becoming a Naturally Thin person in your thoughts and in your actions and then showing that person to the mirror and to the rest of the world.

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Debora Conti, autore dell'articolo: Loving yourself and losing weight, in the mirror and forever

Loving yourself and losing weight, in the mirror and forever – Right Weight Forever
Debora Conti is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer and the founder of Giusto Peso Per Sempre®, The Right Weight Forever method that thousands of men, women, nutritionists, dieticians and psychologists in Italy have successfully followed since 2006. She has written bestselling books on her method, like “Il Libro del Giusto Peso Per Sempre” and “Dimagrisci Senza Dieta” with a preface by Paul McKenna. She has been interviewed for magazines, the radio and television and she keeps in touch with the public on Facebook. Debora’s commitment to training is ongoing, with courses, online audio and video content, private coaching sessions and conferences on NLP and its tangible, effective tools..

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