Why is it better to lose weight slowly?

When I recommend that you lose weight slowly, I don’t mean it should take forever, or two years to drop fifty pounds. I mean ten pounds in three to six months. Slow and steady is the ticket to a lifelong change… so be wary of shortcuts to quick results.

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Watch out for all those miracle diets and pills that comes with the promise of instant weight loss (and a well-toned body too!). Don’t they know that losing weight too quickly leads to flaccidity? Don’t they know that eating too little slows the metabolism? Don’t they know that losing weight too quickly is harmful to our health in general? This is why I am for smart weight loss.

There are at least 3 CRUCIAL reasons to lose weight slowly:

1 Losing weight slowly, which means losing it over the right amount of time, lets your body’s largest organ – your skin – retain its natural elasticity. This means your skin will be toned and smooth. Losing weight slowly lets your body get used to your new shape. I am always looking at this from the perspective of The Right Weight Forever method: whoever takes my course knows that losing weight is good for you and good for your body, it is healthy and it is longsighted, and so they start losing weight by following the method.

This means that in the first month they lose a few inches off their waist along with a few pounds, and in the second month they lose two or three pounds (depending on how much they want to lose) and then, in month three, none at all. And yet, they feel great, their pants fit better and their body is more toned… So what if the needle on the scale doesn’t budge? This is perfectly normal and right. If you lose weight slowly (i.e., the right way), your body will be able to shed those extra pounds steadily and mechanically!

2 Losing weight slowly (i.e., the right way, even if it is much slower compared to other dubious methods) helps deeply consolidate your new eating and exercise habits. If you are reading this article, it is because you probably have already tried losing weight quickly and it doesn’t seem like such a good idea after all. Did you gain the weight back? Was the weight loss based on deprivation? The Right Weight Forever method is based on liberation. No one can maintain their target weight (or be Naturally Thin, as I like to call it) forever if their “weapon” against weight gain is deprivation.

Our logical mind, which some call our psyche, doesn’t work well with deprivation. We have never conquered anything at behavior level through deprivation. Passion is the force that drives us. Passion for yourself, for your body, for feeling light, for attention, for physical strength and healthy digestion… and the more passion you have, the more passion you pour into achieving your goal. Passion will help you lose weight in the long term and losing weight slowly will help you consolidate a deeply rooted lifestyle and, therefore, unconsciously cultivate constructive, healthy habits.

3 What about your personality? Losing extra pounds “slowly” (and I’ll say it again, the right way), allows you to develop constructive personal qualities as well. What is perseverance? Perseverance is, for those looking at it, repeating an action. Explained this way, it seems boring and mortally impossible to achieve, and yet, perseverance is – for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), the reflection of passion (or motivation, if that’s what you prefer to call it).

Have you ever seen someone learning to master a musical instrument through … perseverance? Or learn to roller skate? Or to cook a perfect eggplant parmesan? In the same way, losing weight slowly will help you (as it has enabled everyone who has already embraced this lifestyle) create a healthy sense of determination. Success, through slow weight loss, is guaranteed and the perfect way to develop determination.

Not bad, right?
In a nutshell, if you lose weight slowly, over the right amount of time, your body stays strong, your metabolism continues functioning well (actually, it gets a much needed boost after any calorie-cutting diets and you automatically become a Naturally Thin person because it is part of your lifestyle and, therefore, your habits, and you cultivate the constructive qualities of a Naturally Thin person: perseverance and determination (which respectively lead to passion and long-term success).

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Debora Conti, autore dell'articolo: Why is it better to lose weight slowly?

Why is it better to lose weight slowly? – Right Weight Forever
Debora Conti is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer and the founder of Giusto Peso Per Sempre®, The Right Weight Forever method that thousands of men, women, nutritionists, dieticians and psychologists in Italy have successfully followed since 2006. She has written bestselling books on her method, like “Il Libro del Giusto Peso Per Sempre” and “Dimagrisci Senza Dieta” with a preface by Paul McKenna. She has been interviewed for magazines, the radio and television and she keeps in touch with the public on Facebook. Debora’s commitment to training is ongoing, with courses, online audio and video content, private coaching sessions and conferences on NLP and its tangible, effective tools..

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